Superb Group

Brand identity and website designing for the leaders of waste management

Superb Group is a pioneer in transforming and streamlining waste management. They aim to bring in radical changes to managing the waste in our daily lives by prioritising sustainability, and efficiency.

Our brand’s logo was created to embody the cycle of nature while reflecting our appreciation of our natural environment. The website was crafted with a clean, minimalistic design, utilizing our brand’s colors and creative illustrations to tell the story of a greener world for generations to come.


Brand Identity
Ad Communication
Website Designing

Be kind to the air we breathe:

Our Ad communication aimed to create a powerful impression by displaying the current state of the environment. Through our research, we identified that industries were contributing to high levels of air pollution, and having a negative effect on the animals, as well as on their habitats and food supply chains. To highlight this, we created a series of three posters featuring animals engulfed in the smoke from industrial chimneys.