Brand identity and strategy for a luxury salon from Paris coming to Chennai.

Introducing Dessange Paris to Chennai was a creative journey for Wishbox. With our strategic expertise, creative vision, and social media prowess, we ignited excitement among South Indian customers, positioning Dessange Paris as a gateway to a whole new world of beauty and style.


Brand design
Brand launch campaign
Design Collaterals
Social media creative communication

Through in-depth research, we crafted the powerful positioning ‘A whole new world’ for the salon, focusing on creating an enchanting in-salon experience that would leave customers mesmerized by their transformative styles.

Consistency was key in extending our identity system to various collaterals, ensuring a cohesive and unforgettable visual language across all touchpoints. To generate buzz for the grand launch, we curated a unique invitation experience. Our bespoke box, inspired by the essence of France, contained delightful elements like macarons and miniature Eiffel Towers, transporting recipients into a world of anticipation and luxury.

On the day of the grand opening, we rolled out the red carpet for socialites, celebrities, and influencers of Chennai, immersing them in the opulence of the salon. Surprise-infused drinks added an element of magic to the affair. The theme of “Vanakkam Chennai, Bonjour Paris” became an immersive experience as guests received a passport voucher, beckoning them to return and indulge in our exceptional services once again.


Our social media campaigns were nothing short of extraordinary, seamlessly blending the elements of Paris with the essence of Chennai. The result was a resounding success, captivating audiences and solidifying Dessange Paris as a prominent and cherished brand in the hearts of Chennai’s beauty enthusiasts.

At Wishbox, we take immense pride in our collaboration with Dessange Paris, orchestrating a remarkable journey of transformation and elegance. Together, we have created an enduring connection between the timeless beauty of Paris and the vibrant soul of Chennai.