Getting the Gen Mix Right

With changing times, it has become important for brands to ride the high tide and constantly innovate to keep up with the reel world to succeed in the real one. At Wishbox, we believe in understanding your brand and co-creating experiences that moves your audiences. With our customised calendar that caters to the unique needs of different generations, you’ll have the insights you need to tailor your offerings and speak the language of your audience.

Baby Boomers (1946-1964) – these guys love quality customer service, loyalty programs, tailored promotions, and keeping promises. Connect with them through emails, social media, and Facebook ads to give them the products, value, and relationships they appreciate.

Gen X (1965-1980) – Gen Xers are adaptable, hard-working, self-sufficient, and riskaverse. They like to keep things simple but are embracing tech. With the highest purchasing power, they value research and branded products, and care about product quality and after-service. Oh, and they’re influenced by Gen Z.

Millennials (1981-1996) – millennials are authentic, independent, and entrepreneurial. They’re passionate, happy-go-lucky, and flexible, and love staying up-to-date with the latest trends. When it comes to making purchasing decisions,
they’re heavily influenced by recommendations, discounts, and better experiences. They may not have as much brand loyalty, but they’re active online and prefer brands with a mission and higher quality over generic options. If you want to win over millennials, it’s all about connecting with them.

Gen Z (1997-2010) – Gen Z is the risk-taking, tech-savvy, trend-setting, and dreaming generation. They know their brands, value ethics and personalization, love deals and offers, and look for product value, availability, and convenience. And they can even influence the buying behavior of those who shop with them. Wow!

Gen Alpha (early 2010s – mid 2020s) – Gen Alpha values family, admires everyday superheroes, and gets creative. They’re into tech, sustainability, and discussing social issues. They’re growing up fast, interacting in virtual spaces, demanding flexibility, and traveling more. Influenced by videos and young champions, they look for getting tech-based experiences, social impact, and authenticity. To win them over, offer minimalist, high-quality products with a story, personalized experiences, and meaningful work.

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